Counselling, Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Author, Tibetan Reiki Grand Master, Mindfulness Training


Robyn’s unique approach to Counselling , psychotherapy , energy work and coaching is built on a broad foundation of training from contemporary Soul Centred therapies , traditional approaches of Western Developmental Psychology & Eastern philosophies.

Robyn has 25 years experience in professional Counselling Psychology, Meditation and Reiki specialising in Trauma & Crisis, Grief & Bereavement, Depression, Stress & Anxiety.

Robyn offers the clearest possible guidance for those on a path of health, wellness and self realisation. She has a remarkable ability to tune into each person’s needs and gently guide them through a process of healing and release into wholeness, integration and an awakened state of being. She places much importance on taking responsibility for your self and she encourages and supports you to learn the lessons that your current life experiences are revealing to you.


Transpersonal Counselling may help bring about:

  • Resolution and healing
  • Forward movement Inner strength to face life’s challenges / difficulties / obstacles
  • Development and growth of self-awareness and understanding
  • Making sense of your world
  • Restored faith in your own unique qualities and wisdom
  • Initiation of change/s which can bring about new ways of feeling, thinking and behaving that best support you.


Transpersonal Counselling and Therapy Supports

  • Identifying goals and potential solutions to problems that cause emotional turmoil
  • Improving communication and coping skills
  • Strengthening self-esteem
  • Promoting behaviour change
  • Health and Wellness


In a session, you might find yourself:

  • Being guided into a state of fully awakened Presence.
  • Healing wounds from your childhood,
  • Releasing repressed emotions,
  • Overcoming blame and guilt,
  • Dealing with anxiety and stress,
  • Improving your relationships with your loved ones,
  • Resolving areas of conflict or confusion in your life,
  • Healing past life issues,
  • Learning the souls’ lessons,
  • Or clearing out energy that does not belong to you.


Mindfulness Course – 6 weeks also available upon inquiries

1 hour Session $120.

Robyn Collins BAppSocSc,.BMSc,.


Please call The gnostic Wellness Centre on (02) 4342 0434 for bookings & enquiries

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Bernie Redmayne

Just want to tell you how fantastic I've been feeling since having your amazing laser treatment! Wow!

Catherine – 3 Dec 2015

Karin has been amazing in her knowledge of the body and laser treatment as well as nurturing my recovery in a positive way. I would encourage anyone who lives with CRPS to visit Karin and have some treatments, there is light at the end of that tunnel of pain thanks to Karin and her laser.

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