Medical Herbalist, Nutritionist, Iridology

Monday, Thursday & Saturday

Megan is a qualified Herbalist, Nutritionist and Integrated Iridologist, having studied at Nature Care College and Charles Sturt University.

She also trained as a Registered Nurse at Royal North Shore Hospital in 1983, specializing in Cancer.

Megan utilizes Nutritional and Herbal therapy as well as Lifestyle advice to empower her clientele to regain their optimal health.

She has a strong emphasis on prevention of ill health, anti-aging and reversing digestive & immune dysfunction. She utilizes a comprehensive case history to establish underlying familial weaknesses which require strengthening and support.

Her specialties are Auto-immune disease, Women’s Health, Anxiety and Pain Management. She is also able to do Live Blood Analysis and Iridology as well as run other functional tests, which are all focused at digging deep for the triggers of disease.

Auto-immune diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes, PCOS, Hashimotos Disease, Fibromyalgia, and Inflammatory Bowel Diseases are some of the conditions Megan observes great improvement.

She finds most people have endured at least one major or ongoing stressful event which challenges their nervous system and more than likely has had an effect on the digestive and immune health as well as hormonal health (as they are interlinked). These people may have overwhelming fatigue and pain and may have lost their “zest” for life. She tailors an individual protocol for each client aimed to restore them to their optimal wellbeing.

Using achievable nutritional and lifestyle adjustments and some supplement and herbal support, Megan finds the body has a remarkable ability to restore its optimal function.

She also acts as a food coach for those requiring special diets & incorporates ‘food as medicine’ as well as nutritional and gentle detoxification programs to help you regain your ‘True Vitality’.

“I am always thrilled to hear how patients have had an improvement in energy, sleep, digestion, mood and reduction in pain” I find patients experience a gradual weight loss whist adjusting to a healthy eating plan.”

“I am thrilled to work amongst such a professional team at The Gnostic Healing Centre as my vision for all clientele is to have an integrated approach that looks at not only the physical symptoms, but also the triggers and biochemical, emotional and energetic imbalances so that a path of ‘true healing’ can be implemented to bring you back to your true vitality.”

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