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Beauty Therapist, Relaxing and Raynor Therapeutic Massage Therapist

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Raynor Massage is a massage like no other. A naturopathic bodywork system that blends styles like shiatsu, Reflexology, Chinese Massage and Breathe Work with a unique technique of working the “Tension Bands” of the body with a focus on “unanchoring the tension from the fingers and toes to release the rest of the body and help to release and balance the energy.

My Therapeutic/Relaxation massage is inspired by the Raynor style but much more gentle. Smooth heavy pressure has you melt into the table. I mould and stretch the muscles, ligaments and tendons to iron out the physical tension and fatigue, unblock meridian lines to harmonise the chi and release emotion stresses that our bodies hold onto from everyday life.

With localised deep tissue work and trigger point techniques where needed I can help to alleviate knots, relieve hyper tension and free up and desensitise the Nervous system. I then drain the Lymph System so the body can eliminate toxins.
Another benefit of my massage is it Promotes good blood circulation which assists the body in healing itself, repair damaged tissue and help with inflammation.

I like to also work on the Energy Body to help clear the chakras, aura and the electromagnetic field and activate the Self Healing mechanisms of the body. You’ll be glowing inside and out.

I incorporate infrared heat therapy with my treatments ( Infrared heated cocoon blanket ) for longer lasting pain relief and healing.

As a Beauty Therapist I like to bring a Day Spa feel to my massages with aromatherapy, Himalayan salt lamp lit and soft music for the alternate pampering experience. I love to incorporate spa treatments like facials, body scrubs and pedicures to leave you with that luxurious pampered feeling for days. Scalp to feet heaven. I also do waxing and tinting etc.

So whether you are tired and fatigue or stressed and overworked or training for a long term goal or that big event, I personalise every massage to suit your preference for your body for each session.

I use Magnesium Restore Muscle Recovery Lotion, a rich nourishing hydrating cream high in the master mineral Magnesium and other minerals which are essential for optimal health, vitamin absorption, hormone regulation, strong bones and relieves sore cramped, tight muscles – to name only a few of its endless benefits, with Medicinal Essential Oils and Herbal medicine to give the cells what it needs to kick start it’s self healing processes, soothe the muscles and joints and relieve acute pain and inflammation.

My favourite thing about my work is giving my clients the best massage they have ever had!

I look forward to looking after you.

Please call the Gnostic Wellness Centre on (02) 4342 0434 for bookings & enquiries
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