Kate Leuwenberger

Counselling, EFT (emotional freedom technique) &
Bach Flower Remedies

We all hold the keys to our own happiness! Kate blends mainstream counselling with intuitive guidance and energetic healing tools including EFT or Tapping to aid you in uncovering and reconnecting with your self-love, self-worth and highest excitement. These shifts have a positive effect on every aspect of life.

Also known as Tapping or EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique is a form of mind-body medicine that can unlock and gently release the stuck energy, emotions and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from everything you want. EFT involves tapping acupuncture points on the face and upper body with your fingers while focusing your attention on whatever is bothering you. It is so simple, and the results are profound!


I would happily recommend Karin's laser therapy as the best therapy I have ever experienced. Thank you Karin - you have definitely improved the quality of my life. I will continue your therapy and recommend you to all my clients.

Bernie Redmayne

Just want to tell you how fantastic I've been feeling since having your amazing laser treatment! Wow!

Catherine – 3 Dec 2015

Karin has been amazing in her knowledge of the body and laser treatment as well as nurturing my recovery in a positive way. I would encourage anyone who lives with CRPS to visit Karin and have some treatments, there is light at the end of that tunnel of pain thanks to Karin and her laser.

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