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We all know that the mind and body are inevitably intertwined. What we are often unaware of is just how to listen to our bodies before they start screaming in pain.  Remedial Massage is all about finding areas of tension and releasing them, along with trapped energy within.

Karen is one such RMT (Remedial Massage Therapist) who does targets exactly that.  She tailors her brand of Remedial Massage to your specific physical AND mental condition.

After 20 years of teaching, Karen had a medical scare that derailed her life but paved the way for her venture into a Diploma of Remedial Massage. It came as quite an experience as she learnt of the human anatomy and the differences between the various types of massage.

So just what is Remedial Massage?  It’s a direct means of palpating or massaging muscles based upon an assessment of the individual’s physical restrictions or range of motion.  When you get a Remedial Massage your therapist uses physical therapy techniques such as Myofascial Release and Triggerpoint therapy that unlocks muscular and fascia knots. These tight ‘knots’ are specific areas of muscular ‘guarding’ that occur as surrounding tissues acts to protect injured or inflamed areas which often arise due to physical AND/OR emotional pain.

So whether you want an hour to unwind tense and aching muscles, know that your energy is stifled and emotionally blocked or just need a comprehensive physical treatment, a Remedial Massage with Karen will be highly beneficial.

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