Reiki Master, Crystal Intuitive/Crystal Body Layouts, Sound Healing with Elfin Harmonics, Bush Flower Essences, Aromatherapy

Wednesday and Sunday by appointment.

I have been an energetic practitioner now for over 10 years and have found focusing on the energetic body to be an integral part to bringing us back to harmony. By using Reiki, crystals and sound to balance and harmonise our energetic bodies brings about amazing results to relieve daily stresses and also to let go of stress that we have carried for a major part of our lives.

My intention is to help you facilitate your own healing journey by providing time for your own self-care, to encourage us to love ourselves for who you are and to change those belief systems that challenge us from long term programming from child and into adult life that is causing these stresses.

I look forward to helping you through your journey with the compassion and empathy that we all deserve.

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