Bookings by appointment with Tanya O’Casey & Amanda Lainé

Session Prices:   $160 2hrs Initial consultation          $135 1.5hrs consultation        $100 1hr consultation

Kinesiology enables the mind & body to recognise the underlying causes of physical and emotional stress, then encourages the body’s ability to heal itself.

The practitioner works non-invasively on difficult to shift symptoms, using muscle testing techniques to assess different body functions. Emotional, energetic, biochemical & spiritual priorities are always tested for in sessions because structural problems in the body are rarely physical.

The therapeutic tools act powerfully on deep seated emotional blockages which can manifest as toxic emotions, stressdepressionanxietyaddiction, learning difficulties, relationship breakdowns or lack of self-esteem. Physical effects may also lead to chronic health conditions such as pain, weight gain or loss, digestive conditions, skin, structural or immune conditions.

If you have been struggling for a resolution, Kinesiology may just be the healing trigger your body needs.

Please call Gnostic Wellness Centre on (02) 4342 0434 for bookings and enquiries.

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