Mould, Humidity & Virus Support

Mould, Humidity & Virus Support

We have solutions for your health. How do we manage Mould/Humidity
and Viruses?

Does Humidity aggravate your aches and pains, leave you feeling
lethargic, foggy in the head, cause your skin to itch, your eyes to water
or itch. Do you have a nocturnal cough, a wheeze, tightness in your
airways or sinusitis? You may or may not be aware, that the increasing
mould spores associated with humidity are connected to all these
symptoms and we do have natural very effective solutions at The
Natural Apothecary.

From the following list below herbalists select 5-6 herbs to support you
as an individual and prescribe them in a 200ml bottle. A full Herbal
Medicine consultation may be required if you have a complicated case.

The below herbs are listed by their traditional & anecdotal uses.

1. Remove the source by using an Air Purifier and Dehumidifier. (Our
recommendation is on display in the clinic)
2. Use natural anti-allergy (anti-histamine) herbs such as Scutelarria
Baicalensis and Albizzia to reduce these annoying symptoms.
3. Reduce the mucosal inflammation in the airways and sinuses by
using Ribwort and/or Licorice.
4. Reduce the mycotoxin level by using specific herbs such as Neem,
Clove and berberine containing herbs such as Burr Marigold,
Coptis or Golden Seal.
5. Enhance your immune system using cordyceps, echinacea or
6. Use a garlic mullein ear drops if your ears are affected.
7. Clear excess wax by using ear candles.
8. If bronchial constriction and wheeze is an issue, we use Adatoda
to open the bronchial airways.

These symptoms need to be taken seriously as long-term mould
exposure can lead to:

  • losing your hair
  • anxiety
  • confusion or memory loss
  • numbness in hands and feet
  • stomach pains
  • sensitivity to light
  • gaining weight for no reason
  • muscle cramps and chronic lethargy

Most of all, don’t suffer, try natural alternatives that heal mucosa over
antihistamines that mask” the symptoms. Our herbal formulas are so
much more supportive and effective in turning your health around.

The same goes for viruses… support you immune system +++ and any area of weakness such as your sinuses, throat, bronchioles, lungs, digestive or nervous system.
Please refer to the Blog on Immune and Respiratory support to manage Winter colds and flu.


Megan Clarke
Naturopathy, Nutrition, Herbal Medicine & Iridology