Holidays, time for a massage

Holidays, time for a massage

Holidays, time for a massage

The holidays really are a time for celebration, but all that preparation & planning can get a little stressful sometimes. If you need a little rest, recovery or even just a little quiet time away from the busy household, massage could very well be the outlet you’re looking for.

Massage has been found to be very effective for relaxation and quietening the mind & body, but that is not all that it is good for! Its primary purpose is to restore the body back to good health. Below are just a few ways that a Remedial Massage Therapist can gift you better health for your holidays.

We all get out of alignment sometimes and often we don’t even realise it until we start to experience pain or notice our muscles starting to tire easily, the bodies first 2 signals that something is not quite right. These signals sound when there’s a misalignment somewhere which is being echoed through the sympathetic nervous system, meaning that often where the actual pain is experienced may well not be the site of the misalignment. This is why it pays to see a qualified Massage therapist to properly assess & tailor your massage treatments.

To tailor the treatment to your body, the Remedial Massage Therapist (RMT) needs to be aware of the current alignment or any conditions of your body. Massage touch, called palpation, is the best way we know of to gauge that. This entails a postural assessment to see the way that the body distributes weight while walking, which relies on activity observations. For example, if you favour using particular muscles when lifting yourself from a chair, then this will indicate to the therapist which muscles are being overused and are tight or stressed.  Similarly, if you favour one side of the body as you inhale and exhale, then the RMT can observe and palpate the affected muscles.

When you see any RMT and if you request a full assessment and treatment program for a particular ailment or injury, you’ll go through a series of postural and orthopaedic assessments. The RMT will then determine the best techniques to apply and which body regions to target, discuss their treatment ideas with you (crucially this ensures you know what to expect and understand fully what the treatment involves) then the RMT will address each area of the treatment which is generally one or two regions of the body. The particular outcomes you experience will vary, although many RMTs will then recheck, using similar orthopaedic tests, after the treatment program in order to note the effect of their treatment on your body.

So if you want to celebrate the holidays or give the truly inspirational gift of a full body relaxation, contact us. Gift vouchers available at Gnostic Wellness Centre.

Karen Cormie